How We Give Back

Extreme Mudfest is a division of The Festival Company (TFC) and together, we proudly support The Superhero League (TSL) non-profit. Each year, our company pledges to donate 10% of all profits to the Superhero League non-profit organization. As a company that promotes and drives entrepreneurs, creatives and individuals to reach their fullest potential, TSL is in perfect alignment with our values. TSL was founded by the President of The Festival Company in 2020 to support children in rural communities and impoverished situations.

The Superhero League is a non profit organization dedicated to supporting children in challenging situations - whether it's through food, mentorship, sports teams or individual projects, we are there to help. We believe children are our future but we know that we don't get to choose the situations we are born into. Not everyone gets the same opportunities. The Superhero League is here to empower, inspire, educate and promote youth in rural and impoverished communities to dream big and unlock opportunities through healthy food, sport, music and education.

For more information on The Superhero League and how to get involved, please visit our website